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Fleetwood Museum

This Grade II listed building, that once housed Fleetwood’s 19th-century Customs House, gives your pupils the opportunity to step back in time. Through role-play and object handling sessions, your pupils can explore and discover Fleetwood’s heyday as a Victorian seaside resort along with its industrious fishing heritage.

Learning Sessions


KS R/1/2 / 1 hr

Pupils will discover the hard work involved in Victorian life by helping with the daily tasks involved in running a seaside boarding house. Through active participation and object handling, they will learn more about Victorian toys and pastimes and about the popularity of the area as a seaside holiday location during the Victorian period.


KS R/1/2 / 1 hr

An opportunity for pupils to handle genuine historical artefacts related to both the Victorian era and the fishing industry in Fleetwood.


KS 2/3 / 1 hr

Through a variety of activities your pupils will gain an insight into the highs and lows of the fishing industry in Fleetwood, from personal stories recalling Fleetwood’s heyday in the 1920s, to its role during the Second World War and its later history. A great chance to see and learn about ‘Harriet’, our Victorian Fishing Smack, listed in the National Historic Fleet. She has a definite WOW factor!


KS1/2/3 / 1 hr

This short guided walk around the early part of the Victorian planned seaside town examines various Victorian buildings, including a Victorian Tram shelter! Find out how the well to do lived and discover the posh hotel people would stay in whilst visiting the seaside. See what many past visitors saw on their holidays and whilst looking at the seafront, discover more about the port, the transport system and how the ‘new’ Victorian town of Fleetwood developed from 1836.

Additional Activities

Victorian Seaside Special

A delight for both pupils and teachers!

Opportunity to dress like Victorians and pose for a group photograph!

Steam Trains
How did people get to the seaside in the Victorian times – the importance of steam trains.

Pebble Pictures
A chance to make a souvenir to take back to school.

The Victorian Boarding House
Help run a boarding house and learn more about Victorian toys and pastimes at the seaside.

The Finale
The absolutely fantastic and amazing…..Punch and Judy!