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Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery

Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery opened in 1874 and is one of the Britain’s earliest purpose built museums. With fascinating Egyptology, fine art, natural and social history collections, a visit is a great way to inspire your pupils and support both teaching and learning in the classroom. We have long experience of working with schools and will help bring your curriculum to life. We know that all classes differ in their needs and abilities and are happy to tailor a session to your particular class.

Learning Sessions

NEW - Bridge That Gap

Half day / KS2 / Science/Design

Developed with teachers, this workshop is linked to both the science and design and technology curriculum. The Children learn about how forces affect structures before putting theory into practice in a fun competition that will test their knowledge, imagination and skills.

NEW - Fossils

Half day / KS2 / History/Science

Our session serves as an introduction to this fascinating topic. It starts by answering three questions – What is a fossil, how are they made and why are they important? The children get to handle a range of fossil animals and think about the environments the animals might have lived in.

NEW - Printmaking

Working with artist Julia Swarbrick, the children will learn a variety of printkaing techniques. They get to make their own lino-cut print before the whole group make a joint print using out 19th century Columbian Press. Maximum 15 children.

Life in Ancient Egypt

Half day / KS2 / History

As well as seeing our Mummy, your pupils will use objects from the collection as well as craft activities to find out the ways in which objects from ancient Egypt can tell us about the lives of everyday people.

View and download the session outline and risk assessment here.

Life in Ancient Egypt Session Outline BMAG

Life in Ancient Egypt Risk Assessment BMAG


Half day / KS1 / History

By looking at and playing with a selection of old and new toys, the children will explore the ways in which we can tell ‘old’ from ‘new’. After playing with the toys your pupils will be able to make their own toy to take home.

View and download the session outline and risk assessment here.

Toys Session Outline BMAG

Toys Risk Assessment BMAG

Local History

Half day / KS2 / History

From its beginning, the textile industry was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution and it was centred on the towns of Pennine Lancashire. This session uses a series of activities to introduce children to the changes that happened locally and saw Lancashire towns like Blackburn and Burnley become some of the most prosperous towns in Britain and the world. It includes activities about the cotton industry in Blackburn, exploring our Local History gallery, object handling and sketching the past.


Half day / KS1 / Art

What does a portrait tell us about the sitter? Your pupils will learn to unravel the clues that can be found in the picture of a person. After the opportunity to look at the pictures in our art gallery, the children will make a portrait of their own which can be developed back in the classroom.

View and download the session outline and risk assessment here.

Portraits Session Outline BMAG

Portraits Risk Assessment BMAG



Full day / KS2 / Science

Inspired by the museum’s collection of over 3,000 beetles, this science workshop looks at beetles, nature’s favourite mini-beast. The children will discover the world of beetles, find out what makes them so wonderful, have a go at designing and then making their own.

View and download the session outline and risk assessment here.

Mini-beasts Session Outline BMAG

Mini-beasts Risk Assessment BMAG

WW2 Home Front

Half day / KS2 / History

The children will find out about the impact of WW2 on the people of Blackburn, the experiences of children and have the opportunity to handle a selection of objects from the period.

Inventors and Inventions

Half day / KS2 / Science/History

Our museum is full of different inventions and the children will spend half a day finding out about the inventors on their doorstep and how they changed their world before exploring the whole of the museum, tracking down all the inventions to be found and discovering how they made money, saved time and made the world a different place.

View and download the session outline and risk assessment here.

Inventors and Inventions Session Outline BMAG

Inventors and Inventions Risk Assessment BMAG

Outreach Sessions

We also offer to visit your school with objects from our collections. Typically, a session is an hour long and involves a talk and a handling session with original objects. Secondary schools find this particularly useful.

Subjects we offer include:

The English Civil War – Exploring the attitudes and values of those involved in this conflict, together with the equipment and tactics they used in battles.

World War One – Looking at why the war developed as it did and how the weapons and tactics changed as the combatants struggled to cope with the new ways of waging war.

Public Health in Victorian Lancashire – This session draws on original health inspectors’ reports to explore the very real problems faced by the people living in the rapidly expanding industrial towns in Pennine Lancashire.