Special Events Weeks

Special Events Weeks are a great way to give pupils and teachers the opportunity to immerse themselves in stimulating, hands-on activities in breath-taking historical settings.

“Thank you very much. The pupils had a superb afternoon….”

Special Events Weeks for 2018/19

Rembrance Gawthorpe

Gawthorpe Hall – 5-7 November 2018

Investigate embroidered postcards and make your own, meet a Tommy and learn about the Brother’s Story.

Rembrance Clitheroe

Clitheroe Castle Museum – 8/9 November 2018

Investigate life at the front line, create two memorial wreaths and devise your own remembrance poem.

turton-xmasVctorian Christmas

Judges Lodgings – 26-30 November 2018

Gawthorpe Hall – 3-7 December 2018

Turton Tower – 10-12 December 2018

Enjoy traditional Victorian games, pastimes and Father Christmas.

Science Week

Helmshore Mills Textile Museum – 29/30 April 2019

Queen Street Mill Textile Museum – 1-3 May 2019

Take part in a range of exciting STEM activities and challenges.

Sgawthorpe-special-eventshakespeare Week at Gawthorpe Hall – 18-22 March 2018

Take a journey into the world of William Shakespeare and explore language, storytelling, chronology and swordplay.

Victorian Seaside Special  at Fleetwood Museum – 13-24 May 2019

Stay in our Victorian seaside boarding house, make a pebble picture and watch a traditional Punch and Judy show.

clitheroe-special-eventsDark Ages Week at Clitheroe Castle Museum – 3-7 June 2019

Explore life under the Anglo Saxons and Vikings including domestic life, money, warfare and storytelling.

Castles and Castle Life at Clitheroe Castle Museum – 17-21 June 2018

Medieval domestic life, games, warfare and crafts.