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Quaker Tapestry Museum

Quaker Tapestry is a collection of 77 colourful embroidered panels, made by 4,000 men, women and
children from around the world, and telling of local and national stories of railways, revolutions and key remarkable people. The Quaker Tapestry was completed over 15 years from 1981 to 1996 and is one of the most significant, imaginative and collaborative community textile projects ever. The Museum shows some of the Quaker Tapestry panels alongside subsidiary displays of other artefacts. Short films and audio guides help to tell the social history and stories of people and events from the 17th century to present day.

Learning Sessions


Students will be panel detectives, exploring the tapestry panels and its stitches in detail to inspire their own work. Listening to the stories
and making their own sketches will lead to learning simple stitches to embroider their own piece of work. They will take away a part finished item together with the materials and skills to complete at school.
Themes can be varied to include some Local History or Personal & Social Education.


Any age groups – KS 2 upwards
Preliminary visit to meet with one of the education team is necessary. Limited support provided on the day of visit.